Attention! VISA / MC card transactions are made only within Belarus. Bank payments to other countries are sent via SEPA / SWIFT transfers. The process takes 1-2 days. Be sure to choose the right direction and agree to the terms of service.

How to buy and sell bitcoin legal entities in Belarus and Russia

Our company provides services of exchange of cryptocurrency for Fiat money and back to companies and physical persons. All transactions are strictly regulated and are legitimate in our jurisdiction.

To work with legal entities has more than 7 main sharing options, as well as individual study schemes, based on the characteristics of your company and jurisdiction.

We are actively cooperating with partners from Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Belarus, Abkhazia, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Estonia, Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and some other countries.

Despite the ambiguous legal regulation in some countries, we were able to find a legitimate job options in various jurisdictions. We provide services like direct exchange and conversion through investing, holding ICO, settlements and other options. You can buy bitcoin and sell it, legally of funds to the Bank account of the company or a physical person in the agreed jurisdiction. All major schemes of work with legal entities described in the PDF file, to see which You can by clicking on the link below.

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The cost of the services depends on many parameters and is calculated from the selected scheme, transaction volume and frequency. For a detailed discussion of the leave the application on our website and we will contact You. From our side may pre-signing of non-disclosure agreement submitted by You information for preserving banking and commercial confidentiality.

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